O.W.N Day Cream

45 ml


Refill System
  • 100 % personalised to your skin
  • For healthy looking and well moisturised skin.
  • Striving for minimal impact on our planet with maximum results for your skin.
  • Adapting over time to reflect changes in your skin and external conditions.
  • Choose your favourite scent or go fragrance-free
  • 42,50 EUR as part of our convenient subscription, or 50 EUR when you buy once

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Our O.W.N Day Cream is carefully created and individually produced for you. It provides you with healthy-looking skin throughout the day.

Every formula is uniquely curated with active ingredients according to your personal skin goals. Its texture and UV protection are adapted over time to match your changing skin needs, lifestyle, and environment.

All of our creams are vegan and freshly produced. Our cream comes in a personalised jar made of bio-based material and can be refilled with recyclable capsules to reduce waste and CO2 emissions in the following purchases.

Item Number 49000 (813060450026)

Customer reviews

very good (12 Ratings)
Review Panel Member
Angenehme Tagescreme
Zieht schnell ein und fühlt sich angenehm auf der Haut an. Auch der gewählte Duft ist nicht zu aufdringlich. Etwas mattierender wäre angenehm, ansonsten: Klare Kaufempfehlung!

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Review Panel Member
Die Tagescreme ist, vor allem bei warmen Wetter, anfangs etwas schmierig im Auftrag, aber sehr ergiebig. Bei noch keiner Creme zuvor, reichte mir nur ein einmaliger Auftrag - eigentlich müsste ich ständig nach reimen, um meine Haut zu entspannen. Bei dieser Creme reicht ein Auftrag morgens aus und hält den ganzen Tag - echt super! Mein Selbst gewählter Duft ist angenehm. Ich bin super zufrieden mit dieser Tagescreme.

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Review Panel Member
I am truly amazed with this day cream, it is the best one I ever tried. Starting with the packaging, that looks super premium and personalized (you get your name printed on the creme!). The texture is ideal for my needs including the uplifting scent that really helps with waking up in the morning. Now the best part: it is trully perfect for my skin, really made for me. I can already see improvements and a nice glow, that I usually do not get. Definitely a must-have!

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You have the choice - buy once or get a convenient subscription. All O.W.N subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

As part of our subscription, you will receive a new delivery of your O.W.N skin care routine approximately every 8 weeks. Ahead of each delivery, we will ask you to review your current skin status and skin goals. This information is used to adapt your current formula, thereby ensuring to offer you an optimal formula for your changing skin needs.

You will also receive 15% off every delivery as part of your subscription. This way you can purchase the O.W.N Day Cream for 42,50 EUR.

And the best about our subscription – we use light and recyclable refill jars for all follow up deliveries.

The O.W.N skin care subscription – good for you and good for the environment.
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1. Tell us about your skin

Take the O.W.N Skin Test to find out what your skin needs to look healthy and beautiful.


Our algorithm analyses your Skin Test to generate a unique formula and a routine bespoke to your skin. Choose between a single purchase or a subscription.


We will begin to manufacture your unique O.W.N products. This can take up to 3 weeks. After all, fresh means fresh.


Your bespoke O.W.N skincare will be delivered to you. As part of your subscription, you will receive an adapted formula refill every 8 weeks.


Your skin is impacted by various factors. We use your skin goals, weather prediction and AI to create the best formula for your needs.

List of ingredients

Important information
The ingredients listed correspond to the current state of production. Since we regularly adjust your formulations to incorporate new scientific findings and envirnomental factors that change over time, the declaration of ingredients specified on the package applies in each case. The list of ingredients may vary over time as it will be calculated according to your skin test results and seasonally adapted.

Every cream has a personalized formula. To see your unique list of ingredients, please take our Skin Test.

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