How it works

At O.W.N, our ultimate objective is to design a skincare routine that is perfectly suited to your unique skin needs, in the simplest way. And in three simple steps.

O.W.N l Step 1 - Take the skin test

Tell us about you and your skin goals and receive valuable insights about your skin. Our O.W.N algorithm analyses your answers to create the perfect formula for your skin needs.

O.W.N l Step 2- How it works

Choose your routine from a list of recommended products. Buy once or sign up to a convenient subscription and benefit from 15% in every recurring order.

O.W.N l How it works - Step 3

Within 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive your freshly manufactured O.W.N Skincare. It will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep, in fully recyclable packaging and using the climate-neutral delivery method GoGreen.

O.W.N - How it works - Step 4

As part of your subscription, we will automatically adapt your formula with every recurring order. The adaption will be based on to your changing skin needs and goals, as well as external conditions to deliver the best for your skin. Each and every time.



Sign up to a convenient subscription and receive your selected O.W.N products on a regular basis.
And benefit from a 15% discount on every subscription order

Need to cancel or change delivery date? Not a problem.
Our subscription offers ultimate flexibility thanks to adjustable delivery dates.  

We use a refill system for all recurring subscription orders, to help reduce plastic pollution.

Explore more O.W.N subscription benefits:

SAVE 15%

Receive 15% off every subscription order.


Easily change the delivery date of your next order.


Formulas automatically adapt to your changing skin needs.


No minimum term and the ability to cancel at any time.


Recurring subscription orders come in recyclable refill cups to reduce impact on environment.

Adapted Formula


As your life evolves, your skincare will evolve with you.

Just like you, your skin changes over time. This means that it will need different care every now and then.

Before every recurring order of your subscription, we will use information like your skin goals, weather prediction models and artificial intelligence to create a new formula for you, adapted to your current skin needs and season.

This is how we make sure, that your skin always gets the care it requires. Each and every time.

Good for you and the planet

Our refill system

At O.W.N, we use a sustainable refill system to reduce our impact on the environment.

How does it work:

  • Order an O.W.N subscription to receive your personalised formula. Your first delivery will include a reusable and personalised jar, and a lightweight and recyclable refill cup containing your formula.
  • Your recurring subscription orders will contain your adapted formula and will be delivered in the refill cup only.
  • Keep your personalised O.W.N jar, and place your new formula in it to continue your O.W.N journey.