Learn more about our brand and your personalised product


  • What does O.W.N stand for?
    O.W.N is an acronym that stands for “Only What’s Needed”, personalised skincare that is radically transparent and stripped down to the essential. We are Transparent, Personalised, Sustainable, and Planet-centric. Our products are freshly and uniquely crafted for you, using only the most essential ingredients that your skin needs. We strive for minimal impact on our planet with maximum results for your skin.
  • What's O.W.N sustainability & social responsibility promise?
    Like you, we want to do good for the planet. This is why we are continuously working to deliver the perfect skincare for our consumers while fighting against excess waste. We approach this challenge by removing any unnecessary components in our skincare formulas, packaging, and processes and stripping them down to Only What's Needed.
  • What does freshly made skincare mean in O.W.N?
    Because fresh ingredients are not just good in your salad, they also work magic on your face. By “freshly made” we mean that all our face creams are made-to-order and uniquely crafted to match your unique skin needs and lifestyle, ensuring that they are personlised to each customer. This is why you are requested to fill out our skin test, so then our O.W.N algorithm analyzes this information and selects the perfect combination of high performing ingredients to fit your skin needs and ambitions, which you can see in your skin story.


  • What is the information requested for?
    Simple, because we want to create the perfect personalised creams for your skin, therefore the more complete your skin portrait is, the more accurate and precise your O.W.N products will be. Rest assured that your data is stored safely in compliance with all GDPR laws, and won´t be sold to any third party.
  • Is my personal data safe?
    First of all, we are very grateful for your trust in us. We understand the importance of data privacy and it is our highest priority for us that you feel safe with our services. We assure you that your data is stored in a safe database, in compliance with all GDPR laws, and won't be sold or transferred to any third party for other purposes.
  • How does the personalisation of the skincare products work?
    In the skin test, you tell us about how you perceive your skin, your lifestyle, and your skin aim. Based on your postal code, we consider the external factors in your location which are known to have an impact on your skin (weather, UV intensity, etc). Then, we'll run this information through our O.W.N algorithm which will select the perfect active ingredients in the best texture to meet your skin's needs. The results are sent to our lab, where we create your O.W.N fresh and personalised skincare products and ship them to you in around 2 weeks.


  • What does it mean that my O.W.N skincare formulas adapts over time?
    A wise person said: "The only constant is change". For good (or bad) this also applies to your skin, your lifestyle, and external conditions. This is why we designed our O.W.N algorithm to adjust your skincare formulas to your changing skin needs as time pass, to achieve a better and healthier-looking skin while simplifying your life.
  • How does the adaptation of my formulas work?
    Our O.W.N algorithm is designed to maximize the efficacy of our products on your skin, based on you skin needs, lifestyle, and external factors. That’s why 2 weeks before your next shipment, it will automatically analyze the current environmental conditions based on where you live, take any new data on your skin needs and/or lifestyle, to then reformulate your customized creams accordingly.
  • Does O.W.N skincare brand practice clean beauty?
    Yes! Definitely. All our minimalistic formulas are vegan & cruelty-free, meaning that we do not use any animal-derived ingredients and do not test our products on animals. We only select high-quality ingredients and strive for the highest possible content of natural, naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients in our formulas. All our products are readily biodegradable. We are not perfect, but we are committed to continuously improve to achieve the most effective, natural, and sustainable personalised skincare products, without compromising on the quality nor performance.
  • Is O.W.N packaging sustainable?
    Yes! Like you, we really care about the environment and our planet. Therefore, the sustainability of our packaging (and our processes) is a priority for us! We count with several initiatives to make our products more sustainable, like: (1) refill system for all our creams with rechargeable capsules and durable personalised jars, (2) sustainable & bio-based material for all our creams outer jars, and (3) recyclable material for all our single-use packaging.
  • Is O.W.N refill system more sustainable? How does it work?
    Our refill system is a great sustainable alternative to the conventional one time use skincare products. We combine a durable and personalised outer jar with recyclable recharge capsules to drastically reduce the plastic used per order. You keep your O.W.N jars and then you will receive the refills in your following orders!
  • Does O.W.N have recyclable packaging?
    Of course, this is a super important topic for us. All our single-use packaging are recyclable. Our recharge capsules, bottles, labels, and shipping box are made of recyclable material. We count on you to dispose of them correctly!
  • Are the personalised jars environmentally friendly?
    Yes, we are committed to making all our packaging as sustainable as we can, including our jars. All our day & night cream's outer jars are made of bio-based PLA material made from sustainably sourced corn and sugarcane, making it sustainable and beautiful.
  • Are O.W.N skincare products free from: parabens & silicons?
    Yes, and more! All our formulas are free from Parabens, Silicones, PEGs, Mineral oils, Synthetic Polymers, Microplastic, and Nanoparticles. Instead, we are committed to maximizing the use of natural and naturally derived ingredients, prioritizing those that ensure the best efficiency of our products on your skin.
  • Some of your formulas have Carnitine, Creatine and Taurine, are these ingredients vegan?
    All our ingredients are vegan, including our Carnitine, Creatine, and Taurine. Today, we find vegan alternatives to these ingredients that were first discovered in animals. At O.W.N, we only use raw materials that are vegan certified from reliable and trustworthy suppliers.
  • Are O.W.N skincare products suited for sensitive skin?
    Yes, of course! We only work with high-quality and safe ingredients that are usually very well tolerated by the skin. This was validated during the development of our products, where we ran an intensive testing program to ensure their skin compatibility. Additionally, our smart O.W.N algorithm is designed to recognize signs of sensitivity and, if present, it will choose the best ingredients suitable for your sensitive skin. Nonetheless, in case you perceive any adverse or allergic reaction, please stop use immediately and contact our customer service.
  • Can I use O.W.N products when I am pregnant or breast-feeding?
    Yes, of course. All O.W.N’s products are safe for use during pregnancy and while you are breast-feeding.