Your skin is conscious and wants only what’s needed


When it comes to skincare, things have started changing in a big way, with more people demanding “clean beauty” products that are mindfully made from natural, sustainable, and plant-based ingredients. Also, when it comes to the packaging, we can all be mindful: We should buy only those products that we really need to avoid unnecessary waste and look for products that come in packaging made from recycled or bio-based material. In other words, you can have conscious products that reflect your values and are respectful of the environment.

Keep it simple

Remember the 10-step skincare routine? Thankfully that concept is now out the window in favour of a more minimal approach. If your current routine includes a quality cleanser, and moisturizer (one for the day and a richer formula for the night) and — if you want to boost any specific the effect — a serum, then you’ve got everything you need to keep your skin nourished and radiant.

The mark of a quality product no longer includes a huge list of different fully synthetic substances. Instead, look for products that contain rather less, plant-based, natural and organic ingredients that will nourish your skin naturally and not harm the environment. Seek out alternatives with fewer, fresher, and more natural components. Make your skincare routine about quality over quantity.

Eat right and stay hydrated

One of the best ways to care for your skin is to ensure it’s nourished and healthy from the inside out. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day (2 to 3 liters on average). Fresh juices and green tea are also great ways to get in some extra hydration..

Superfoods that are rich in antioxidants like vitamin C can give your skin some extra glow. So make sure you add foods like berries, kiwis, papaya, nuts, and fresh veggies to the menu.

Exercise is good for your skin

Exercise gets your heart rate up and improves your blood circulation, which increases the oxygen and nutrients delivered to your skin. This, in turn, increases your natural collagen production and encourages new skin cells to form and that without mentioning that luminous post-workout glow. Running, dancing, pilates, and yoga are all great ways to give your skin that extra boost. Bikram yoga, in particular, is a great way to stretch and remove impurities from your pores.

Get enough sleep

No matter how well you eat or how good your skin routine is, the effect will inevitably diminish if you’re not getting enough sleep every night. Sleep is part of your body’s natural repair cycle and the time when your skin recuperates from the typical day-to-day grind.

To ensure you get the best sleep, try setting an alarm to remind you to get to bed early, dim your device lights before bed, and set your phone to flight mode during sleep time (when possible). 10 to 15 minutes of breath work and meditation before bed can also work wonders for your sleep quality.

A simple, holistic, and conscious approach to skincare

Remember the skin you live in, is yours forever, so keeping it healthy should be a priority. A few simple lifestyle changes combined with plant-based, conscious, and high-quality products containing natural and organic ingredients are all you need to stay healthy and nourished from the inside out.


The results will be well worth the effort. I promise! 

Until next time! 
-- Xoxo, Mary