About O.W.N Skincare

Our ultimate objective with O.W.N is to design a product that's perfectly suited to your unique skin needs, in the simplest way. We know the empowering effect perfect skin can have on all aspects of life, therefore the routine we created will support the joys of your life and de-clutter your bathroom and shelves.

As your life evolves, your products will evolve with you. We take your ever-changing skin story, your lifestyle, and your skin aims into account every step of the way. Our O.W.N algorithm is based on real science, powered by artificial intelligence and by the data from of over 10.000 women who measured their skin parameters daily - combined with the profound skincare knowledge of our research and development experts. With this we can create 380.000 unique formula combinations personalized for your skin. Combined with external data you will always receive the formula which is just right for your skin.

Throughout this process, transparency plays a central role. We believe, you deserve to know what you are putting on your skin, how we make our products, and what impact it has on our environment. We strive to reduce waste and minimize the impact on our environment, while creating a perfectly personalized product for you. A product supporting your conscious choices; a unique and individually designed skincare routine, that makes you and your skin feel healthy and beautiful.

We genuinely love what we do here at O.W.N, and we won't stop until we've found the best product for your skin! Conscious is the new convenience - O.W.N Only What's Needed Skincare.

Meike’s O.W.N

‘Each of our products is custom-made, on demand for you, to give your skin only what’s needed.’

Volker‘s O.W.N

‘No more one-size-fits-all compromises. Every skin is different and we’re treating it that way!’

Heike‘s O.W.N

‘Our planet deserves better! Therefore, I worked with reusable, bio-based and recyclable materials to make our packaging as planet-friendly as possible.’

Fabian‘s O.W.N

‘It is very important for me to have the precise information about our consumers’ skin needs so that our algorithm can develop the perfect formula for you.’

Lisa’s O.W.N

‘We are committed to limiting our impact on the environment, focusing on sustainably and naturally sourced ingredients, that are skin friendly and clinically tested, thereby enhancing your individual skin health.’

Catja‘s O.W.N

'The brand O.W.N expresses what we believe in: consciously personalized products with all the precious ingredients your skin deserves - nothing more and nothing less.'

Marta’s O.W.N

'Good design has to stand out and be distinctive, just like you. This is why we decided to embed your name into O.W.N's branding. You will not only receive a unique formula, but experience a fully personalized product.'

Frank‘s O.W.N

‘We weren’t looking for a single formula to fit every skin need. That is impossible because every skin is different. We wanted to develop a product individually designed for you. This is how O.W.N was born.’

Björna's O.W.N

‘Everything about you matters: your skin profile, your lifestyle and your skin goals. It excites me that we’re able to match all your needs, with your personalised face care product!’

Bao Duy‘s O.W.N

'We made O.W.N to be your skin’s best friend, and we do it with full transparency. This means that you can be sure you have made the right decision when you choose our products.'

Anna’s O.W.N

’It‘s about teamwork! Through the close cooperation of everybody we can ensure that we’re giving each customer the best possible formula for their skin.'

Thomas’ O.W.N

‘I love the fact that O.W.N combines the latest technologies with skin science and formula knowledge, to find out and deliver what each individual skin needs.’

Hans’ O.W.N

‘Delivering a personalised, freshly prepared product within days is my commitment to your very O.W.N individual skin needs!’