A jar of O.W.N day cream on a wooden tray

Day Cream

Uniquely curated active ingredients for your morning routine.
From 42,50 €

Two jars of O.W.N day cream on marble surface

Night Cream

Personalised to maximize results while you are sleeping.
From 42,50 €

O.W.N Micellar Water on a wooden tray

Micellar Water

Effectively removes make-up and impurities.
From 17 €

O.W.N Facewash on a wooden tray


Effective and gentle foaming gel with natural hyaluronic acid.
From 17 €




Uniquely curated formulas tailored to your individual skin needs and goals. 
Truly Adaptive

Truly adaptive

Adapting formulas to meet your evolving needs, lifestyle and season. 


Save 15% with a convenient subscription and regularly receive your adapted routine.
Clean Cosmetics

Clean formulas

Minimalistic formulas with naturally derived ingredients.
Climate neutral shipping

Free delivery

Climate-neutral delivery to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and The Netherlands. 

Create your simple skincare routine

How it works

Truly personalised and adaptive face care

Clean formulas and a simple, yet powerful routine

Flexible subscription cycles with the ability to cancel anytime

We love

Happy customers


Liza, 30, Hamburg

“In the past I tried a lot of different brands. But now I can simply rely on these products that are made for my skin. No more bothering and I love the smooth lavender flavor!”  


Patricia, 31, Hamburg

“I am very happy that I found this! The cream contains everything my skin needed and does not bother it with anything else. In particular, I really like all the natural ingredients.” 


Jana, 43, Bremen

“I believe personalized skincare sensible and I am very impressed with the personalization concept. Texture and scent have convinced me. Just these factors wouldn’t be enough for me as a Yoga lover. The product range is vegan and not tested on animals. The packaging is really pretty and designed in a sustainable manner.”  


Anja, 41, Dortmund

“I was really curios about my personalized products and my skin feels more elastic and less oily since using them - just like I asked for in the questionnaire. The cream is easy to apply and dries quickly, the cleanser is comfortable on the skin. I am thrilled. ”  

Good for you and the planet

Our refill system

Geöffneter grüner Tiegel der O.W.N. Nachtcreme

Bio-based jars and a sustainable refill system

Reusable and personalized jars

Light weight recyclable refill cups

Only What's Needed, when it's needed

Truly adaptive skincare

With every refill delivery, your unique formula will be adapted to your evolving skin needs. Fully powered by AI, your skin aims, your lifestyle and changing external factors are analyzed to provide you with the best formula for superior results. Each and every time.